Daxing Nanhaizi culture lectures and exhibition open to the public

A series of lectures on Nanhaizi history and culture opened to the public in the Capital Library, Beijing, on June 15 with launching of a special exhibition about the royal hunting ground in the southern suburb of the capital city. The lectures, with each held on every Saturday morning, will last until July 21.


A series of lectures on Nanhaizi history and culture are given to the tourists. [Photo by Nanhaizi Park]

A series of lectures on Nanhaizi history and culture opened to the public in the Capital Library, Beijing, on June 15 with launching of a special exhibition about the royal hunting ground in the southern suburb of the capital city. The lectures, with each held on every Saturday morning, will last until July 21.

The event will introduce the history and culture of Nanhaizi, a dynastic royal animal farm, through the exhibition and lectures.

Nanhaizi is located in the front of the alluvial fan of the Yongding River, Daxing district of Beijing. It was the royal hunting ground of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties and the royal court of the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties.

As such it was a site of large-scale performances and governmental affairs of royal families. It also served ecological purposes such as hunting and development of the royal garden management system in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Beijing has made a protection plan for the Yongding River cultural belt, establishing the Nanhaizi Elk Park. The first phase of the project was completed in Sept 2009, and the second phase is about to open.

The park has a beautiful landscape with a closed ecosystem containing a marsh, grassland, pond, and woodland. The park is a nature reserve for free-range elks, and has introduced many other deer species. Today it is an important area for display of deer and other wild animals.

The first lecture was given by Wang Qiheng, a Chinese architectural historian and a professor at Tianjin University. He introduced the history of Nanhaizi illustrated with relevant historical documents and styles.

Experts and scholars will interpret the Nanhaizi culture from the perspectives of ecological environment, political functions, garden palace architecture, its relationship with downtown Beijing, and its contemporary value and its deer preservation culture.

The Capital Library provides more than 200 high-quality public lectures every year and serves an audience of nearly 30,000.

The exhibition of Nanhaizi history and culture was held concurrently at the Capital Library. It is divided into seven chronological sections through rich graphics, exquisite micro-carvings, and vivid landscapes.

The exhibition will also be digitalized and made available to the public online. 

1History Development of Elk Deer in Nanhaizi

Time: July 20

Lecturer: Guo Geng, Research fellow of the Beijing Elk Ecological Experiment Center and Director of Science Committee of Beijing Zoological Society

2Nanhaizi, Daxing District, and Beijing City

Time: July 13

Lecturer: Li Jianping, president and researcher of the Beijing History Research Association

3Riding, Shooting, or Firearms?——A Historical Perspective of the Nanhaizi Military Parade in the Qing Dynasty

Time: July 6

Lecturer: Liu Wenpeng, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and Deputy Director of the Institute of Qing History, Renmin University of China

4Nanhaizi: The Pearl of the Western Hills-Yongding River Cultural Belt

Time: June 29

Lecturer: Zhang Baoxiu, Dean of the School of Applied Arts and Sciences and Director of the Beijing Research Base, Beijing Union University

5The Important Role of Nanhaizi in the Palace System in the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912)

Time: June 22

Lecturer: Zhu Lei, master's tutor at the School of Architecture, Tianjin University, and national first-class registered architect

6The Inspiration of Nanhaizi

Time: June 15

Lecturer: Wang Qiheng, Professor of the School of Architecture, Tianjin University

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