The national new media industrial base in Beijing's Daxing district signed agreements for a series of major projects on Jan 9, a result of the district's investment in better construction of the "two zones" -- the Beijing Free Trade Zone and a national integrated demonstration zone to open the services sector wider.

During the centralized signing ceremony, the National New Media Industry Base signed contracts with 10 foreign-funded projects including the Japan-based game corporation SNK and the Belgium-based non-profit World Green Design Organization, as well as 10 headquarters and 10 technological innovative companies.

Wang Youguo, head of the district, said that both enterprises and the district should seize the opportunity to promote higher-standard opening-up and achieve coordinated development.

Party Secretary of the industrial base Song Qiang noted that investment promotion is a top priority of the cluster, with greater efforts to be made on improved procedures. Also, the concept of creating a gold-medal servant for enterprises is expected to become a solid backing for them.

In the past five years, the overall economic level of the industrial park has greatly improved, and its total revenue of technology, industry and trade has doubled. About 3,000 companies are now registered in Daxing.

According to the ceremony, the base will focus on transformation and upgrading of industries pertaining to next generation information technology, technological service, digital design and the new generation audio-visual sector to create a high-end industrial park worth 100 billion yuan ($15.4 billion).

1Resolution charting Daxing's development announced

Beijing's Daxing district held a news conference on Jan 6 on the sidelines of the annual sessions of the Daxing People's Congress and the the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Daxing Committee.

2Daxing moves faster towards higher quality airport economy

Daxing moves faster towards higher quality airport economy

Beijing's Daxing district will move forward at an ever faster pace to higher-quality growth this year as the mission of infrastructure construction in the Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone is essentially over. The Daxing biomedical base in the airport economic zone strikes a deal with some of China's famous health enterprises in Beijing on Dec 30.

3Daxing to fight for low-carbon goals

Daxing to fight for low-carbon goals

Beijing's Daxing district, where increasing leafiness has been evident for some time, will continue to drive its greening construction according to a local gardening and greening authority speaking at a press conference of the district's two sessions on Jan 6.The district has set a five-year goal to lift urban greening coverage to 47.51 percent, and is striving to become a national-level forest cluster.

4Daxing to further improve grassroots governance, services

Daxing to further improve grassroots governance, services

Beijing's Daxing district will continue to improve local consultation to foster a greater governance pattern of collaboration, participation and common interests. Notably, the district plans to dismantle 108 villages by the end of this year in an orderly manner to help further refine the city's governance. Also, it is expected to coordinate construction of social psychological service stations and other community volunteer service projects.

5Hydrogen energy system to give Daxing a flying start

Hydrogen energy system to give Daxing a flying start

A hydrogen station with a daily fueling capacity reckoned at 4.8 tons -- by far the largest on the globe -- will be put into use in Beijing's Daxing district by the end of March, according to a news conference on the local two sessions on Jan 6. The energy station is able to refuel 16 fuel-cell electric automobiles at the same time, and can serve up to 600 vehicles per day.

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