Daxing eyeing world-leading life and health industrial cluster

Updated: 2020-07-17


Guests at the life and health industry development forum in Beijing’s Daxing district on July 17. [Photo provided by Daxing district]

Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone is poised to build a world-class and China’s top inland life and health industrial cluster according to a forum held July 17.

The industrial park, covering of 50 sq km in the airport economic zone, is aimed at a demonstration area integrating medical services and research in the pharmaceutical industry.

At the meeting, an expert committee consisting of the industry’s higher-ups was unveiled which is expected to keep a finger on the pulse of local life and industrial development in the health sector.

Eight heavyweights were invited to share their ideas on development planning, cell therapy, intestinal microbes, and the Huoyan air-inflated testing lab, with discussion focused on frontiers and hotspots.

Daxing will explore a new development path for life and health, the district’s leading industry, relying on its existing industrial foundation and giving full pay to its geographical and policy advantages as an airport economic zone and a comprehensive free trade zone, according to an official with the local administrative committee.

The district has commissioned many consulting agencies over the last two years to carry out related planning and research work. In June, it started to construct an innovation service center in order to incubate financial and life and health enterprises.

To date, the airport economic zone has been negotiating tie-ups with nine companies, and preparing its urban design and business planning.