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    Beijing parks receive 4.3 mln visitors during Spring Festival holiday


    Parks were among the top destinations for people in Beijing to celebrate the week-long Spring Festival holiday, which ended on Friday, official statistics showed.

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    Daxing to add carbon-free industrial park


    Daxing, a southern suburb of Beijing, will adopt technologies of photovoltaic power, optic-thermal coupling, methanol reforming and hydrogen energy in building an interconnected energy supply system, according to officials who spoke at the annual "two sessions" on Jan 4.

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    Intl, regional flights resume at Daxing airport


    Beijing Daxing International Airport began resuming international and regional flights on Tuesday following the optimization of immigration, aviation and customs policies earlier this month.

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    Beijing restaurants launch new menus for Spring Festival


    As the Lunar Chinese New Year approaches, restaurants in the capital are all set for the festive season with special dishes and menus.

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    Daxing makes its debut at roadshow of J.P.Morgan Week


    On Jan 10, Beijing time, the China Night· International Biomedical Innovation Project Roadshow was held online and in person simultaneously in San Francisco, and Beijing's Daxing district, as a warm-up of the 41st J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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    Beijing's GDP expected to show growth


    Beijing's annual GDP for 2022 is expected to show positive growth, and the city is targeting a year-on-year GDP increase of 4.5 percent in 2023, according to Yin Yong, acting mayor of the capital who spoke on Sunday at the first session of the 16th Beijing People's Congress.

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    Daxing airport to resume international flights


    Beijing Daxing International Airport will resume international flights beginning Jan 17, according to the airport.

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    International aviation to take off again


    On Monday the National Health Commission announced that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is renamed as novel coronavirus infection, and that China will downgrade management of the disease from Class A to Class B in accordance with the Law on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease, starting from Jan 8.

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