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  • Daxing, Du Xiaoman vow to boost small, micro firms


    Beijing's Daxing district signed an agreement with Du Xiaoman Financial, tech giant Baidu's fintech arm, on Sept 15 to provide better financial services for the district's small and micro enterprises.

  • Beijing's Daxing district struts its stuff


    Beijing's Daxing district, the southern gate of the capital, displayed its achievements in three parts at the China International Fair for Trade in Services, which opened on Thursday.

  • Innovative policies give industries a boost


    Star Park in Beijing's Daxing district is building on its success made during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) by further implementing innovative policies to foster the growth of its cultural creative industries.

  • Regional comprehensive bonded area taking shape


    China's capital city of Beijing and its neighboring Hebei province are working together to build a comprehensive bonded zone, with efforts made to promote coordinated development, joint investment attraction and the introduction of high-quality projects.

  • Daxing developing at record pace


    Southern district benefiting from Beijing's accelerated construction of two national zones

  • Southern Beijing to become new economic driver


    Beijing plans to invest 590 billion yuan ($91.3 billion) between this year and 2025 to develop its southern districts, which have already undergone massive changes in the last 10 years.

  • Global digital economy conference kicks off in Daxing


    The 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference was launched in Beijing's Daxing district on Aug 2.

  • Daxing sees GDP rise 67.8 percent to $10 billion


    Beijing's Daxing district ushered in a major development opportunity with multiple advantages, with its GDP in the first half of 2021 reaching 65.18 billion yuan ($10.04 billion), a year-on-year increase of 67.8 percent.

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