• Nanhaizi Culture

  • Call of Wild

    With its miraculous twists and turns, the fate of the China's milu deer has long been an intriguing prospect for researchers and animal lovers alike.

  • Volunteering

    The voluntary work in Daxing will follow the overall development thought of local cultural voluntary service, launch standard and world-class projects and create open platforms.


Daxing district is a district located in the south part of Beijing. Downtown Daxing is 13 kilometers away from Beijing city center. It is the nearest suburb to Beijing. It is one of the first batches of satellite cities to be developed in the capital approved by the State Council in 1984. Since ancient times, it has been the traffic hub of the two major cities of Beijing and Tianjin. It is known as “the first county in China.” Daxing has now become a modern cultural district with elegant and fashionable features. It is a livable area with a positive role in both tourism and industrial development.