Online intl seminar on boosting sustainable airport areas opens

Updated: 2021-10-21

The Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar (SAAIS) was held on Oct19 online, bringing together representatives from the biggest airport areas worldwide, renowned academic experts, elected officials and companies.


Some of the attendees of the online Sustainable Airport Areas International Seminar held on Oct 19 [Photo/]

Sponsored by the Groupe ADP, the Finnish city of Vantaa, the Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance, and the Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone (BDIAEZ) Management Committee, and organized by Paris-Charles de Gaulle Alliance, the seminar's attendees aimed to compare notes and mutually learn about sustainable development of the areas surrounding airports in a post-COVID world.

Many shared their latest practical experience and theoretical results, which provided lots of reference for the construction of the Daxing airport economic zone.

During the event, Luo Boming, deputy director of the management committee of the BDIAEZ, delivered speeches on connections between airports and the air transport industry and how to build a more resilient, attractive and hospitable "airport city" to give a huge build-up to international industries' settlement.


Attendees exchange ideas on anticipating human resources for the upcoming recovery. [Photo/]

The Daxing airport economic zone will connect global innovation resources and promote high-quality development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, as well as opening up at a higher level by relying on flows of passengers, logistics, information, and capital brought by the airport.

In order to increase international investment, the zone is making continuous efforts to improve its cooperation mechanism and speed up research on its city brand, with an eye on enterprise-led industrial chain investment, and links with the subject country's chamber of commerce and industry and institutions in China.

As a world-class aviation hub, Daxing airport has played an increasingly important role as a new source of energy for national development.

Notably, Daxing district is twinned with the Paris Terre d'Envol, France and renewed a sister town agreement. The two sides will carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation in economics, trade, culture, education, health, tourism, urban management and other public services to achieve common prosperity and development.


Luo Boming, deputy director of the management committee of the BDIAEZ, delivers a speech via video link. [Photo/]

According to the seminar, the BDIAEZ will focus on building a smart, resilient and low-carbon international aviation community. Experience related to industry-residential integration, three-dimensional interconnection of streets, urban ecological green networks and high-quality multi-services are expected to be rolled out to connect global innovative elements and support talents from abroad .

This year, the four major mechanisms to build a model for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development submitted by Daxing airport economic zone were voted as the best case by the Ministry of Commerce out of all candidates from the Beijing free trade zone.

The zone vowed to strengthen the building of investment memberships, expand channels to invite international investment, optimize the business service environment, and improve related systems and mechanisms to achieve global development.