Beijing wants more volunteer associations

By Du Juan | Updated: 2021-11-18

Beijing will build up more public volunteer associations at the community level to participate in the capital's social governance.

According to a plan released recently by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the city will launch a branding project to develop associations in all residential communities.



"By 2023, each urban community will have no fewer than 15 volunteer associations, while the rural community will have no fewer than eight associations," the plan said.

Each community should have more than two well-known volunteer associations, such as Chaoyang Qunzhong and Xicheng Aunties.

Chaoyang Qunzhong, which means "the public in Chaoyang district", has been frequently mentioned by police authorities as one that has been helpful in providing information in crime cases. It has been jokingly referred to by netizens as the fifth-largest intelligence agency in the world, in addition to agencies such as the FBI in the United States and the British intelligence service MI6.

"Xicheng Aunties", literally meaning elder female residents in Xicheng district, has also provided crucial information on public security.