Daxing airport comprehensive bonded zone energy center approved

Updated: 2022-04-06

The Daxing airport comprehensive bonded zone energy center has been approved and will start construction at the end of May. Its auxiliary office building will be completed by the end of this year.


A design sketch of the Daxing airport comprehensive bonded zone energy center [Photo provided by Daxing district]

Covering an area of 25,000 square meters, the energy center consists of an office building, a boiler room and a digital energy service center, meeting energy and heating demands in the comprehensive bonded zone and surrounding areas of the airport

The office building will be the first near-zero energy consumption structure in the Daxing airport area, with its energy-saving rate exceeding 30 percent and comprehensive energy-saving rate hitting 60 percent.

"Such a structure is built not only for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, but also for playing a demonstrative and leading role for enterprises that come into the zone later," an airport area director said.

After the project is completed, the renewable energy will account for 27 percent of its total consumption, while that of clean energy will be 100 percent. The proportion of gas energy will reduce to 40 percent, and carbon emissions will drop dramatically.