Solicitation for urban design proposals of Daxing airport area

Updated: 2022-11-04

On Oct 26, the Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone (BDIAEZ) launched an international solicitation activity for urban design & planning proposals for its functional area of convention & exhibition and consumption.

The event was co-hosted by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and the Daxing District People's Government, and was undertaken by the BDIAEZ.


The project location [Photo provided by Daxing district]

The functional area of convention & exhibition and consumption is located in Lixian township in Beijing's Daxing district, and covers an area of 7.8 square kilometers. It is about five kilometers from the passenger terminal building of Daxing airport.

The eastern section of the functional area is reserved for the building of residential compounds and the international aviation community, while its southern part is positioned to develop aviation logistics. In addition, the western part is designed to accommodate the development of special industries.


The urban design scope [Photo provided by Daxing district]

The prospective design & planning proposals should be divided into two parts, namely, the overall urban design and sub-urban design for key zones:

The overall urban design is expected to underscore coordination and systematic issues among all functional zones, and highlight the branding image in the building of a convention & exhibition and consumption center. It will cover but is not limited to the intensity and height of building complexes, the system and layout of green land, ecological and low-carbon application scenarios, and the regulation of building styles.

The sub-urban design for key zones must meet the demand of various functional zones, focus on the design research of the convention & exhibition and consumption zones, as well as Lixian station, and take into consideration the implementation and sustainability of construction plans, which might bring about an impact on spatial structure because of phased construction.

The solicitation event will eventually select six applicants to compete for the honorary work.

Applicants can visit the website of Beijing Science Park Auction & Tender Co, Ltd. ( and download pre-qualification assessment documents from Oct 26.


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