Meituan smart logistics hub project signed at Daxing airport area

Updated: 2022-11-11

On Nov 9, the Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone (BDIAEZ) and Beijing Sankuai Online Technology Co signed a contract on building the Meituan smart logistics hub in the zone.


A rendering of the Meituan smart logistics hub [Photo provided by Daxing district]

The project is scheduled to start construction in 2023 and is expected to be completed by 2025.

Located in the non-bonded logistics area, the project includes a retail smart logistics base and a digital community exchange and exhibition center. It is a new major project of the BDIAEZ, following the SF Express North China Smart Logistics Headquarters Base and the JD Smart Industrial Park projects.

As a tech-driven retail company, Meituan has a strategic focus on "Retail plus Technology" and adheres to its mission of helping people eat better and live better. With Meituan's industrial advantages and the airport economic zone's geographical advantages, the project will create a closed-loop IT supply chain, and build a high-end food import, processing and circulation hub distribution center.


A rendering of the Meituan smart logistics hub [Photo provided by Daxing district]

The BDIAEZ is the only area that enjoys the pilot free trade zone policies of both Beijing municipality and Hebei province, and is the only cross-provincial and municipal comprehensive bonded zone in China.

In recent years, through continuous policy innovation and optimization of the business environment, the economic zone has focused on key areas such as life and health, the digital economy, offshore trade, and smart logistics. As of the end of October, nearly 4,000 companies have registered in the zone.