Beijing restaurants launch new menus for Spring Festival

Updated: 2023-01-17


Fried shrimp balls with scallops and celery. [Photo provided to China Daily]

As the Lunar Chinese New Year approaches, restaurants in the capital are all set for the festive season with special dishes and menus.

Li Xiang, executive chef of Xin Ming Yuen, prepares a series of new dishes to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. The fried shrimp balls with scallops and celery is a must-try as the golden shrimp matches perfectly with the moist white scallops. The pepper prawn casserole is also worth trying engulfed in a peppery aroma.


Boston lobster with lemon mayonnaise. [Photo provided to China Daily]

European contemporary restaurant Fresco has unveiled a brand-new menu. Italian chef Fabio Falanga launches new steak choices with various parts of the steak from Australia and United States that can bring different tastes to diners. For cold starters, the Boston lobster with lemon mayonnaise, lettuce and pancetta is a flavorful choice with perfect balance of the sweetness of the lobster and the crunch of the lettuce.


Grilled Australian beef belly. [Photo provided to China Daily]

At one-Michelin-starred restaurant Jing Yaa Tang, chef Li Dong offers a set meal for four to six people to gather and celebrate Spring Festival. The restaurant's signature Roasted Peking duck is a must-try, roasted with wood from the jujube tree. The grilled Australian beef belly with Tieguanyin, a type of oolong tea, is also worth trying.