Beijing E-Town Service Base for Shenzhen Stock Exchange unveiled

Updated: 2023-04-26

The signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation and unveiling of the service base between Beijing E-Town and Shenzhen Stock Exchange was held on Apr 19. 

At the ceremony, Zheng Haitao, deputy director of the Beijing E-Town Administrative Committee, and Li Mingzhong, deputy general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, signed a strategic cooperation agreement and unveiled the service base, marking improvement of the corporate listing service system and enhancement of financial services to the real economy in Beijing E-Town.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange will further support the cultivation of high-quality enterprises, and promote innovation in fixed income products and the issuance of innovative products such as carbon-neutral green bonds, technology innovation bonds, and intellectual property securitization by enterprises in the area. 

It will not only strengthen the full-lifecycle service capability for innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, but also promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Beijing E-Town has been committed to building a full-lifecycle listing cultivation system and improving listing services. 

The incremental number of listed companies in the area has ranked among the top in the city for three consecutive years. 

There are currently 48 listed companies in the area, involving multiple industries such as integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, and intelligent manufacturing. 

Meanwhile, Beijing E-Town has been consolidating reserve resources for listing, with more than 200 reserve enterprises accumulated.

After the unveiling ceremony, a special event for the service base was held which featured matchmaking of production and financing in the intelligent connected vehicle industry.