Daxing inks agreement with 9 leading digital enterprises

Updated: 2023-11-01

The Daxing District Digital Application Innovation and Future Development Conference was held in Beijing on Oct 26, with the theme, "Open Innovation and Smart Navigation".


During the event, Daxing Economic Development Zone signed agreements with nine key enterprises with a combined cooperation amount exceeding 10 billion yuan ($1.37 billion).

These enterprises will play a leading role in the industrial chain in areas such as technological innovation, open application scenarios, result transformation, and market expansion, attracting more innovative digital economy enterprises to settle in Daxing.


Eight experts from the Daxing district "Xing Partners" think tank received appointment letters, and they will fully support the high-quality development of the digital economy in the district.

The event has also released the Open List of Digital Economy Application Scenario Innovation in Daxing Economic Development Zone and the White Paper on AI Empowerment for High-Quality Development in Daxing district.

The "Open List" focuses on three major directions: data service industry, digitalized industrial parks, and industrial digital transformation. It includes 15 application scenarios such as the artificial intelligence public computing center, the "one building, one product" building management system, and the metaverse.

Through selection, assessment, and expert reviews, a group of benchmark demonstration scenarios will be selected and receive corresponding policy rewards and support, promoting the integration of the digital economy and the real economy.