Three precise efforts enhance business environment

Updated: 2023-11-06

To optimize the region's industrial development environment, several departments in Beijing E-Town have launched special activities to provide more high-quality and efficient services.

Precise empowerment: Delivering policies to enterprises

At the 2023 World Robot Conference, Beijing E-Town unveiled its three-year action plan for high-quality development of the robot industry in Beijing E-Town from 2023 to 2025.

How can policies reach enterprises faster and more accurately? The work group of the automotive and intelligent manufacturing industry conducted promotional activities for 30 local robot companies. 

In addition, in August alone, the work group visited 14 companies, including Schneider Electric, HoIIySys Group, Qbeam, Tebeifu, Jingwei Textile Group, and Xiaomi Humanoid Robot, providing policy guidance and listening to their needs. 

They also invited 10 aerospace companies within the area to discuss and verify plans for the construction of a "Beijing Rocket Street."


The automotive and intelligent manufacturing industry work group visits companies. [Photo/]

Precise matching: Project roadshows to enhance industrial concentration

On Sept 15, regarding policies in the field of autonomous driving, the Beijing Municipal High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone (BJHAD) Office conducted promotional activities for enterprises – the first phase of the intelligent connected vehicle roadshow.

During the event, the BJHAD Office led the development of an industry chain connection bridge, providing regional policy introductions and enterprise project roadshows. 

They introduced the progress of the demonstration zone, spatial capacity, support methods, and the strength of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Fund. 

Following this, leaders of six major innovative ICV companies presented their projects and discussed new opportunities and challenges in the industry's development with the BJHAD Office and several investment institutions in the ICV field.


Participants of the intelligent connected vehicle roadshow pose for a group photo. [Photo/]

Precise strengthening: Professional competitions to hone service proficiency

Using competitions to promote services, professional skill competitions further enhance the professional capabilities of service teams in Beijing E-Town, enabling residents to experience modern government services.

On Aug 16, Beijing E-Town hosted the 2023 skills competition among Beijing E-Town government service comprehensive window officers, with a focus on assessing personnel's understanding and mastery of standardized and regulated government services.

Starting in late June, the government service center took the lead in organizing training and examination preparations for the entire area, with a total of six unified training sessions and five simulated exams seeing 803 participants.


Government service comprehensive window officers take exams [Photo/]