Beijing Daxing International Airport opens first direct flight to Mongolia

By Luo Wangshu | Updated: 2023-12-03


Flight MR801, operated by Hunnu Air, arrives at Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sunday. [Photo provided to]

A direct flight between Beijing Daxing International Airport and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, has opened, marking a new chapter in air travel between the two countries.

Flight MR801, operated by Hunnu Air, landed at Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sunday morning, inaugurating the route. The service will operate three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

The new flight is expected to boost political, economic, and cultural exchanges between China and Mongolia, while also facilitating travel for business, tourism, and educational purposes. Additionally, it expands the airport's overseas network, which now encompasses over 30 routes, including service to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

Beijing Daxing International Airport has attracted over 20 Chinese and international airlines, offering direct connections to popular destinations such as London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Doha, Riyadh, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, and the Maldives.

The airport is committed to welcoming more airlines in the future, including HK Express, to provide passengers with a wider range of international travel options.